• Rider Education Management System • Since 1998
  • Registering & Managing over 140,000 students per year!

  • REMS • Rider Education Management System is a comprehensive server-based SaaS (software as a service) solution designed to meet the needs of rider education providers.
  • REMS first went on-line in1998 serving rider training organizations. There is no other comparable commercial service in the United States that can claim similar in-service longevity.
  • REMS software evolves to meet changing needs in ways that are transparent and at no cost to the end-user.
  • REMS evolves through frequent upgrades and enhancements that benefit all users. There is no software to download, no system to configure, and no cost for upgrades or enhancements.
  • REMS is a predictive and proactive approach to IT support that helps users maximize productivity and deliver tangible value.
  • REMS allows you to work with information in a variety of ways. Excel spreadsheets, performance dashboards, text and email messaging are integrated features.
  • REMS is currently being used by both State and privately managed rider training facilities across the United States.

Easy • Scalable • Affordable • Secure

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