• REMSmerchant Services
  • REMS has partnered with MeritCard Solutions to bring REMS clients a transparent and cost effective payment processing system to handle credit card transactions.
  • REMS integrated credit card processing system supports the PayPal Payflow Pro and Authorize.net gateways.Server Farm
    • MeritCard Solutions
    • • No Application fees
      • No Set up fees
      • Gift Card Program
      • No Installation Charges
      • Check Guarantee
      • Services 24/7 Customer Services (free)
      • Pin Based Debit
      • 24/7 Helpdesk Support (free)
      • Merchant Funding Solutions
      • Chargeback Protection
      • Receipt Advertisement
  • MeritCard Service • Comprehensive Customer Service An unparalleled level of customer service, a network of professionally trained and certified representatives, and dedicated account managers assigned to your accounts, this is what you can expect from us. Add technical experts available 24/7 to keep your business running smoothly, and our visionary business development consultants, and you have a partner that can support your businesses growth into the future.
  • MeritCard Support • A Dependable, Responsive Processing Partner It's your money. You need accurate and timely reporting. You need the experience of a company that has processed billions of dollars for tens of thousands of merchants. You need a dependable service oriented processor with an eye on technology.
  • MeritCard Savings • State-of-the-Art Technology at a Remarkable Savings. We offer a wide variety of cutting edge hardware, software, and internet applications to satisfy all your payment processing requirements. We are constantly adopting the latest technology to make our services even more powerful and cost effective for you. From our robust network operations to our secure online account information center, we're always investing in the technology of our business and the subsequent success of yours.

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